Social Responsibility

In 2007, the company allocated Rp. 700,000,000,- for Environmental Partnership and Development Program. The fund originates from profit appropriation as already mentioned in resolution of Shareholders Meeting and from loan returns.

The Environmental Partnership and Development Program is intended to develop and create a sound business climate and maintain the relationship that motivates the growth of mutually supporting conditions between State-Owned Corporations, cooperatives and private parties as well as motivates the cooperatives and small scale business as people’s economic institutions to implement, increase and develop their business more effectively and efficiently as well as give the utmost added value and benefit to their members or the community surroundings.

It is also targeted to create wider business and work opportunities to small scale business and cooperatives and rural community, as well as implement more rationale and efficient management system followed by the capability improvement both capitalization, personnel, administration, finance and entrepreneurship independence. 2007 development is given priority to small scale business both individual, entities and cooperatives (Rural Unit Cooperatives) particularly the prospective independent Rural Unit Cooperatives.