Notice & Press Release

BKI care of Lashing of equipment and container damages

  • Tanggal April 28, 2015

One of the examination of the verification on audit ISM Code of Safety Management Certificate (SMC) is the process of lashing container vessel, this was delivered by Sjaifuddin Thahir, - Corporate Communication BKI. Vessel crew shall ensure that there is adequate lashing material made available to the terminal for suitably lashing the containers at point of work. Vessel shall have the lashing plan displayed and the terminal shall perform lashing of the containers as per this plan. Duty officer...

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Cargo hold ventilation requirement for Container ships

  • Tanggal April 27, 2015

Sjaifudin Thahir, Corporate Communication BKI deliver that cargo holds of container ships are fitted with two basic types of ventilation systems, namely natural and mechanical. Mechanical ventilation could be of either the supply or the exhaust type. Container ships certified to carry D.G cargo underdeck, are fitted with mechanical ventilation fans meeting SOLAS special requirements for ships carrying dangerous goods. Such fans operate in the exhaust mode and are capable of providing at least...

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Seminar Invitation: “Innovative Technology for LNG Infrastructure in Indonesia: Several Design Concepts and Applications”

  • Tanggal March 30, 2015

Speaker               : Prof. Daejun CHANG, Ph.D. -- Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Date and Venue   : 31 March 2015, BKI Head Office 6th Fl. Meeting Hall   Abstract : We are watching the era of natural gas approaching. This mega-trend in energy industries are propelled by both competitive price and environmentally friendliness of natural gas. One drawback by natural gas is that...

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Singapore Branch Office Relocation

  • Tanggal November 12, 2014

Dear Our Valued Customer   Respecfully we inform that out branch office in Singapore had been relocated. Here are the old and the new address of PT. Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) Singapore Main Branch:   OLD ADDRESS: 371 BEACH ROAD#02-24 KEYPOINTSINGAPORE 199597 HAD BEEN RELOCATED ON 01-10-2014 TO:7500A BEACH ROAD#11-301 THE PLAZASINGAPORE 199591 Thus are the notice from us, thanks for the attention and the...

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