Port State Control (PSC) is a checking / inspection of foreign ships in the port of a country to verify that the condition of the ship and its equipment meets the requirements of international regulations as well as manned and operated in accordance with requirements such as SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC, STCW etc.

Related with the implementation of the inspection, the IMO has encouraged the establishment of a regional organization of the PSC and PSC MoU agreement – has been signed covering all the oceans of the world: Europe and the North Atlantic (Paris MoU), Asia Pacific (Tokyo MoU); Latin America (Acuerdo de Viña del Mar); Caribbean (Caribbean MoU); West and Central Africa (Abuja MoU); Black Sea region (Black Sea MOU); Mediterranean (Mediterranean MoU); Indian Ocean (Indian Ocean MoU), and the Riyadh MoU.

Ships that do not meet international regulations adopted by the States where the ships visiting their port (Port State) will face the risk of detention until the existing deficiencies have been corrected. In the event of the detention of Indonesian Ships by the States where the ship visits, BKI as a Recognized Organization, if requested, can carry out a follow-up to ensure the implementation of international regulations that will help ship owners to solve the deficiencies.

BKI will conduct a re-examination of the findings from the Port State in detail and recommends corrective actions, either permanently or temporarily, so that the ship can continue her operations and implement improvements.