Classification Information

Classification Information in PT.Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia namely the clasification of the vessel perior to entry BKI class among other things :

Regarding Signs Class Ships

Each ship is classified into class notation BKI has stated in the certificate class.
Determination of the class depends on the sign of the fulfillment of the rules of evidence applicable BKI construction on the date of application.
The BKI has the right to add special marks in class certificate.
In the range of classification, characteristics of the hull, machinery and equipment anchor shown in the class marks and notations which are put on the class mark.

Determination of the class mark
Example of a complete determination of the class mark for hull, machinery, equipment anchor and cooling installations are as follows:

Signs Class Notation
Hull + A 100 Oil Tanker
Machine + SM OT
Conditioning installations SMP

1. Admission to Class Survey for new building
2. Admission to Class survey for existing ship
3. Re-class Survey
4. Class Renewal Survey


Explanation of the following items:


Admission to Class Survey for new building has a sense of class that ships with supervision classified into BKI since it began laying off – submission.

New building ship classification procedures:

Applying for classification in the (three) copies (original + 2 copies of the original) that comes with stamp duty of Rp. 6,000.
Applying for a survey and signed by the principal or designated person but has the authority to deal with the cost of the survey.
Applicant or owner will receive a notice from the BKI center survey on the costs that will be charged to the owner or applicant.
Submit construction drawing 4 (four) copies for approval and class notation determination, namely:
Hull Drawing:
– General Arrangement
– Construction Profile
– Fore Peak Construction
– After Peak Construction
– Rudder & Rudder Stock
– Engine Bed Construction
– Aux. Engine/Equipment Bed
– Single/Double Bottom Construction
– Superstructure & Deck House
– Hawse Pipe & Anchor Equipment
– David Construction
– Mast Construction ( Boom, Gosse Neck and Rigging Plan)
Machine Drawing:
– Lay Out Engine Room .
– Piping System to bilga, ballast, fresh water, sea water, fire fighting, fuel and oil
include air pipe and pipe suspected contents.
– Steering Gear & Emergency Steering Gear .
– Shafting Arrangement.
– Propeller Shaft & Intermediate Shaft .
– Stern Tube & Stern Tube Bearing .
– Propeller.
– Electrical Instalation.
– Wiring Diagram
– Power Balance
– Main Switchboard .
Freeboard Drawing:
– Stability Booklet
– Inclining Test


Fresh water, Sea water, Fire fighting, fuel & oil

New development work should be carried out after all the drawings / calculations have been approved by the BKI Center. Images that have been approved as a reference in the inspection of the vessel by the surveyor, and the construction of the shipyard.
Before the work begins in order to be sure that the materials and components ordered from suppliers (suppliers) are the materials and components that have been approved by BKI / Class IACS. Truth or suitability of the certificate that belongs to the state of the materials and components will be verified by the Surveyor.
For materials or components that have not been approved to apply for certification of materials / components to BKI (see certification procedure of materials / components). Claims for material certification/different components/ classes revenue beyond the cost of the survey.
It is confirmed also that all welder that will work on the ship was a welder who has been approved or gain recognition from the BKI and the shipyard has a welding inspector or a good quality system.
Submit to the Surveyor BKI construction schedules are assigned in the field and held a preliminary meeting to coordinate the responsibilities of each relationship – both parties (Owner, Surveyor BKI, and Shipyard).
Each stage of the development process so that an official report made to keel laying, launching and building entirely completed, signed by the surveyor in the field BKI.
Once complete the entire hull construction, NDT inspection conducted (Radiography) in accordance with the instructions BKI Surveyor in the field.
Inclining test carried out in accordance with BKI rules and procedures as well as witnessed by the Surveyor BKI.
Sea trials carried out with existing procedures and approved BKI.
Surveyor BKI issue a classification certificate is valid while one (1) year and Load Line Certificate valid while three (3) months for primary education and 5 (five) months for the ILLC.
Permanent classification certificate issued by BKI Center after receiving all reports of survey of surveyor BKI.
Documents – Other document as a complement to the survey report of the Surveyor BKI to be prepared in order to smooth the issuance of a permanent certificate: Nationality Letters, Letters Measure, Builder’s Certificate, Gross certificate (if there is).


To know the cost of building a new class of revenue survey may contact the Division of Survey, Part BKI Acquisition or the nearest branch.


The owner applied for the classification and application of survey to the nearest branch BKI Send supporting documents and pictures (3 copies) as follows:
Indonesian flagged vessels:
Letters measure, Gross certificate (note: if the certificate has not been published gross temporarily while the sea can use letters (model E), Builder certificate / IMO Number.
Copy of the certificate of the previous class.
Foreign-flagged ship:
Tonnage Measurement Certificate, 1969, Bill of Sale / Nationality registry, Builder Certificate / IMO Number.
Copy of the certificate of the previous clas
General arrangement, Capacity plan, Hydrostatic curves and cross curve, Loading manual untuk kapal yang mempunyai panjang lebih besar atau sama dengan 65 m, Midship section, Longitudinal and transverse bulkheads, Profile and decks, Shell expansion, Engine and ketel uap foundations, Stem and stern frames, Rudder and rudder stock, Hatch covers, Fore and aft end structures.
Loading instrument (bila tersedia) user manual and test conditions.
Machinery arrangements, Intermediate thrust and screwshafts, Stern tube and glands, Baling – baling, Main engines, Propulsion gears and clutch sistims, Compressed air piping sistim, Starting air receivers, Main boiler, Superheaters, Economizers and steam piping, Fuel oil burning sistim, Cooling water and lubricating oil sistims, Turbines, Bilge and ballast piping diagram, Fire fighting sistim, Fuel oil and starting air sistims, Air and sounding pipes sistims, Wiring diagram, Electric power balance calculation, Steering gear sistims, Piping sistim and arrangements.
Torsional vibration Calculations for vessels aged less than 2 (two) years.
For Ship Tank:
Loading and unloading facilities, Cargo tank venting sistim dan safety devices, Cargo piping sistim, Pumping arrangement at forward and after ends of the vessels.
Drainage of cofferdams and pump rooms.
“For ships with “unattended machinery space” (OT notation):
Instrument and fire alarm systems.
List of automatic safety function.
Carry out survey on the dock with the scope of the inspection in accordance with the renewal survey to a class-4 (plate thickness measurement, overhaul the entire engine installation, revocation propeller shaft, etc.).
Surveyor BKI issue a classification certificate is valid while one (1) year and Load Line certificate is valid while three (3) months for primary education and 5 (five) months for the ILLC.


To know the cost of the survey has finished building the reception class can call the Survey Division, Section or Branch Acquisition BKI nearby.

Procedures agreed to move the class from BKI to IACS members consist of three (3) stages:

  • Submission of drawings a double image 3 (three) for endorsement.
  • Implementation of the minimum depends on the status of the class survey vessel, in accordance with prior informed by class, age and type of vessel.
  • Completing the document and issue a new class of certificates, together with the necessary statutory certificates.

The main steps in the process of moving the class as follows:

  • Application classification and survey
  • Application classification and survey submitted to the nearest branch office BKI. The scope of the survey will be pursued so as not to interfere with the ongoing operation of the vessel.
  • To initiate the classification process, the management of ship owner to inform the BKI dealing with survey details the status and other data.

Survey following requirements will apply:

  • The minimum requirement is the same as the scope of the survey is an annual survey, with inspection machine and control system in general.
  • Survey maturing and conditions of the vessel must be equipped classroom.
  • For all ships between 5 s / d 10 years, a number of specified ballast space, inspected by the Surveyor.
  • For ships over 15 years old and follows the ESP (enhanced survey program) such as oil tankers and bulk carriers, complete class renewal survey or the survey, including docking. If the survey is not matured docking, underwater surveys carried out as a substitute.
  • For all vessels over 20 years old, a full class renewal survey, including docking survey.

Additional survey and inspection of images required by the new state flag.
According to the procedure IACS, into force on January 1, 2003, ships older than 15 years, all of the survey which is due to be fitted.

The right time and place to be determined by the survey vessel owner. To prepare the survey vessel, the cargo hold and tanks should be prepared for inspection as specified by the instruction to move the class. The survey will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of BKI.

Picture and information
In accordance with the IACS procedure, BKI should have received pictures and information before the ship classed. To help the process move a class, the owner can send a document before moving class survey.

Issuance of certificates
While the classification and statutory certificates issued after the survey is completed the class moving. Permanent classification and statutory certificates issued after all the process is completed.

The pictures are required
Figure in duplicate three (3) submitted to the BKI to be checked:


  1. Capacity plan
  2. General arrengement
  3. Hydrostatic curves
  4. Scantling plans
  5. Midship section
  6. Shell expansion
  7. Profile and decks
  8. Longitudinal and transverse bulkhead
  9. Fore and aft end structures
  10. Rudder and rudder stock
  11. Hatch covers
  12. Loading manual
  13. Loading instrument


  1. Bilge and ballast piping diagram
  2. Intermediate shaft, dan thrust shaft
  3. Machinery arrangements
  4. Main boilers, superheaters, economisers dan steam piping
  5. Main engines, propulsion gears dan clutch sistim.
  6. Propeller
  7. Stern tube dan glands
  8. Wiring diagram
  9. Steering gear sistims
  10. Piping sistim and arrangements.
  11. For vessels under 2 (two) years, the calculation of torsional vibrations .

Additional information for special vessels

Oil tanker, chemical tanker and bulk cargo freighter / oil:
1.Cargo piping system in the tank and above the deck.
2.Pumping system at the end – front end and rear and drying systems on koferdam and pump room.