Statutory Information

Statutory is the activity about security of ship to ensure the safety of ship passenger and ship crew. This activity includes survey, audit and certification
that aim to check and ensure the management and safety device on ship.

The statutory duties given to PT. Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) is relating to maritime safety, protection of the environment and the welfare of seafarers, implementing audit safety management systems and safety management systems of ships and ports.

Statutory activities conducted by PT. Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia consists of several activities, including:

Freeboard certification, for the issuance of a certificate of Load Line
Loading and Unloading Equipment Certification, for the publication of “Cargo Gear Book”
ISM certification, safety management system
ISPS certification, management system for ship and port security
CAS (Condition Assessment sheme), for the inspection of the vessel Oil Tank