Floating Offshore

Floating offshore including F(P)SO, FPU, MODU, FS(R)U, FLNG, Tank Barge, Single Point Mooring, Platform, Rig, Jacket, Pipeline and other support facilities. All of that facilities in BKI will be handled by he special division that call Offshore Division. Forerunner to the establishment of Offshore Division originated from some of client requests and BKI stackholder who asked to BKI to establish a special team that handles floating facilities in the oil and gas environment.

At the end of 2011, formed a special working group that handles offshore ship classification under the coordination of Head of Statutory. Then on April, 24th 2013, Oil & Gas Unit was formed which took over the duties of the special working group. In February 2014, BKI make the organizations improvement perfection and changes Unit Oil & Gas Offshore Division into.

Scope of work Offshore Division

Give proposals to client that asked for calsification/survey service, include technical and price proposal before the implementation of classification/survey.
Meetings with the client to discuss the technical implementation of the classification / survey and price.
Come to ship owner who has not been classify the offshore ship to BKI to classify the ship to BKI, especially offshore ship tht operated in Indonesia.
If qualified, then BKI will issued Audit Report and temoporary DOC certificate that occured until 5 mounth.
As the surevey executive coordinator that assigned to briefing about survey implementation, monitoring survey implementation , verify survey report, issued permananet certificate and registed the offshore ship that have classed in BKI.

Clasification Procedure
The classification procedure that performed by BKI as shown below.

Supporting Equipment
In conducting the engineering review and counting process, BKI had developed in-house software and also use licences application software.

BKI is already do the classification process for some types of floating facilities and new building, existing or convertion supporting ship, both of dual class or single class. This can have be used as a technology transfer that equalize BKI positions with other foreign class that operating in Indonesia such as; ABS, NK, GL, LR and KR. This time BKI also involved activity in the consortium between BKI-ABS in the front end engineering design (FEED) INPEX Masela project.