Whistle Blowing System

In line with the principles of GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE transparency is also in accordance with the company vision and mission of PT. Biro Klasifikasi Inonesia (persero) became a world class Classification & Statutory services coorporate and world class Commercial Services to good quality of life and constantly obidient on the applicable laws and regulations, and practice the clean bussiness and uphold the coorporate ethics, the company is committed to implementing good coorporate governance. The companies commitment constantly balance between the interests of Company shareholders/stakeholders and as a form of protection from harmful things for companies such as abuse of office, athority, the use of undue financial, cheating and other violations of law, then Company looked need to set up a system of complaint alleged violation (which is usually called by the Whistle Blowing System) that allows for the entire party, both internal and external to submit the report.

Therefore, the company arrenge the Whistle Blowing System (WBS) that encourage every person willing and brave to report a violation, and the company guarantees the anonymity of providing protection to the complainant. Whistle Blowing System guarantee every complainant can know the status of progress and follow up of report. The complete guidance of Whistle Blowing System can be found here.