BKI History

Indonesian Classification Bureau (BKI) was established on July 1, 1964 and remained the only national classification bureau appointed by the government of the Republic of Indonesia to give class of Indonesian-flagged vessels. This task was then legalized in the Decree of Minister of Sea Transportation No. Th. 1/17/2, dated September 26, 1964, relating Manual of for Indonesian flagged vessel to have a classification certificate from BKI. Vessel classification is an activity to give class of vessel based on hull construction, machinery, and electricity, with the goal to asses weather a vessel is merit to sail.

Several considerations and reasons why BKI was established (then legalized by government regulation PP. 28/1964 on the Establishment of the State Company Indonesian Bureau of Classification):

1 At the time in the field of construction and maintenance of ships, the Goverment was still using the services of a foreign classification berau;
2 In terms of technical-construction aspect of ships that built for domestic shipping, the conditions that set by foreign classification berau sometimes doesn’t appropriate, which is that doesn’t need to happen if the ships were classified by the national berau that more understand with the condition of Indonesia shipping;
3 In addition, if viewed from the perspective of national pride, with the national berau of classification, it is expected foreign exchance saving which annualy flow out of country through foreign classification berau, and open the opputunity for the Indonesian shipbuilding engginer to foster andexpand the experiences and expertise in the field of construction, maintenance and repair of ships.


In view of the increasing activities and the promising prospect, then in 1977, the company changed its status (through PP No 1), from PN Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia to PT. Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero). Statute of PT. Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) was made before Notary Imas Fatimah, SH, by deed No. 57 dated October 19, 1978, and was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in Decree No. YA5/345/1978 November 7, 1978 and published in the State Letter No. 58 of 1979.

BKI Statute has actually amended for several times in consideration to both BKI internal needs and or due to establishment of new laws and regulations relating the state companies.

Considering the enormous market potential and capabilities of the human resources, in 1982 BKI began its commercial and profit making business diversification. The following are the summary the company’s services:

A Classification and Statutory Activity, include:
1 Construction Inspection, Supervision, Testing as well as issuance of Ship Registration Class Certificate;
2 Inspection and Testing of floating equipments;
3 Testing and Certification of Materials and Components;
4 Testing and Issuance of Certificate of Qualification of welders, welding inspectors and other welding experts;
5 Inspection and certification in the statutory aspects authorized by by the Indonesian government and the government of other countries;
6 Acting as an agent and / or representative of a foreign classification / foreign consultants;
7 Implement appropriate international standards certification.
B Consultation and Supervision Activity, include:
1 Consultancy and Supervision in maritime, industrial, and other techniques works;
2 Feasibility Study, Consultancy, and Supervision in maritime technology and Industries;
3 Inspection and certification services in oil and gas, geothermal, manpower, industrial, and transportation
4 Doing technical engineering and supervision in oil and gas;
5 DT & NDT testing;
6 Providing consulting service according to national and international standards;
7 Implement training expertise in engineering; and
8 Construction and non-construction chartering in installation of oil and gas facilities, geothermal and mining industry in general.