CG Implementation

Board of Directors

Board of Directors as an organ of the company in charge of collegial and responsible in managing the company. Each Member of the Board of Directors can perform the task and take decisions in accordance with the Division of duties and authority. However, the implementation by each Member of the Board of directors remains a shared responsibility. One of them was appointed as the President Director. The task of coordinating the activities of the Board of Directors.

Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners is an organ of the company in charge of conducting surveillance against the policies and operations of the Management Company by the Board of Directors as well as to provide advice to the Board of Directors including the supervision of the execution of long-term business plan, work plan and budget of the company and the provisions of the Statutes and decisions of the General Meeting Of Shareholders (RUPS), as well as the laws and regulations that apply, for the benefit of the company and in accordance with the goals and purpose of the company and is not intended for the benefit of certain groups or parties.

In carrying out the tasks and functions, Board of Commissioners is assisted by the Audit Committee and the Investment Committee and business development, and Secretariat for the Board of Commissioners