RUPS Implementation

RUPS Implementation


The entire implementation of the RUPS PT.BKI (Persero) conducted annually in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.


  1. RUPS chaired by one of the shareholders who elected by and from among those present.
  2. Minutes of General Meeting (Risalah RUPS) shall be made with that contains the time, agenda, participants, the opinions were developed in the GMS, both for and which are not or different opinion (dissenting opinion) and the decision of the GMS
  3. Minutes of GMS signed by the Chairman of the Meeting and at least 1 (one) person.


RUPS may be held if at least 51% (fifty-one percent) of the total shares with voting rights present or represented in RUPS, unless the Article of Company Law or the Company decides otherwise. In case the quorum is not reached then the second RUPS must be done. The second RUPS shall declare that the RUPS is held because a quorum is not reached in the first RUPS. The second successful RUPS / valid and entitled to make decisions at the RUPSif at least 50% (fifty percent) of the total shares with voting rights present or represented unless the articles of association specify otherwise. In the case of the second RUPS failed to reach a quorum is established, then the Company may apply to the Chairman of the District Court whose jurisdiction covers the domicile of the company in respect of an application to determine the number of votes the quorum requirement to take a decision and time for convening the third RUPS (Article 25 (1c) AD ). The second and the third RUPS shall be conducted within a period of at least 7 days before the RUPS held in question, stating the reason that the first RUPS was held but did not reach quorum (Article 86 (8) of the Company Law, Article 25 AD). The second and third RUPS shall be held no sooner than 10 days and no later than 21 days after the previous RUPS failed to reach a quorum is established (Article 86 (9) of the Company Law.