Statutory Services

Aside from acting as classification society, Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) has the ability to conduct statutory survey. With networks of more than 18 branches, National and International, and also sufficient number of qualified surveyor /auditors, BKI therefore has been trusted as Recognized Organization (RO) to conduct statutory survey and certification from Indonesia and Mongolia. The authorization given to BKI is being conducted in accordance with IMO Resolution A. 739(18) and A. 789(19) and the upcoming RO Code.

The Statutory delegation given to BKI consist of maritime safety, environmental protection and seafarers welfare, which includes International Regulation (SOLAS, ICLL, MARPOL, MLC, and others) and also National Regulation. In addition, BKI is also active in conducting safet management system audit (ISM Code) even Security Management System for ships and port Facilities (ISPS Code).

In addition of those authorization, BKI’s performance can be measured from Port State Control (PSC) statistics. Statistic at Tokyo MOU PSC shows a positive trends where the ef value gained annualy is moving towards lower value, which shows that BKI is moving in positive trends towards high performance RO.

Aside from the above duties, BKI is also participated in IMO meetings in order to be updated with the relevant International rules.